The IMI Defense TFS – Tactical Front Polymer Flip-Up Sight 45 DEGREES OFFSET is specially designed for the M16/AR15 family rifles and compatible with most 1913 Picatinny railed weapon platforms. Designed and manufactured in Israel of high impact fiber-reinforced polymer under the non-compromising IMI Defense standards. Works well for CQB and long-range target acquisition, the IMI Defense front OFFSET Sight features a selectable wheel that are click adjustable for post (1.3 MOA per 1 Click). The sight’s 45 DEGREES OFFSET and low profile helps prevent interference with other optics, and the flip-up mechanism helps ensures constant and repeatable zero and can be dropped down when not needed. In folded position there is a Pistol sight post for complete accuracy.

  • מותג: IMI
  • מק"ט / ברקוד:: IMI-Z7145
  • משלוח: 

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