ORPAZ SINGLE MAGAZINE POUCH FIT CHECK Double Stack & Single 9mm magazine holder fits all 9mm and 0.40 caliber POLYMER magazines (not magazines made from steel/metal). The pistol magazine pouch offers tailored retention and cant angle adjustability with an Allen Key (included). Mag pouch carrier is ambidextrous for both right-handed & left-handed users. Switch between any Orpaz attachments with no hassle. Open top allows the magazine's intuitive and easy removal and insertion. The lower cap will enable users to have a secure grip regardless of how they hold the mag. Avoid the flap! Reinsert effortlessly with one hand. Rugged, lightweight, and sleek profile engineered to increase comfort and conceal the magazine pouch without residual print. Paddle GEN I attachment is uniquely contoured to fit the natural shape of your body. Holds tight to your belt or beltline with the added security of retaining hooks. Slip it in and out of your beltline easily. You don’t need to unbuckle your belt with this attachment! Comfortably hold a spare magazines on one platform! With its adjustable, compact design, your hand can intuitively follow where the magazines are secured to allow a lightning-fast reload with no obstructions. Compatible with the Paddle Attachment. A new level of durability is constructed with injection-molded polymer materials—a worry-free holster with no velcro noise and construction material that doesn't wear off. Get the best quality product at a reasonable price with unmatched functionality and features!

  • מותג: ORPAZ
  • מק"ט / ברקוד:: ORPAZ.X1ER1
  • משלוח: 

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