BLACKHAWK! introduces an enhanced modular version of this great selling bag. Designed to be kitted out based on the mission. MOLLE webbing on three sides allows the user to configure it to his needs. Bag is slightly larger than the original and the map case is now detachable!

  • מותג: BLACKHAWK
  • מק"ט / ברקוד:: BH-60TH00 CT
  • משלוח: 

קרא עוד

• Completely configurable version of the popular Battle Bag
• Slightly larger in all dimensions to accommodate a small laptop computer
• Stiffened construction to retain structure
• Flap is also a detachable map case
• Name tag window on flap
• Body of bag is covered by webbing; so operator can mount a variety of pouches
• HawkTex® pad on shoulder strap for comfort
• Carry handle on top of flap and bag when map is detached

** Pouches Not Included