The S11 is a mini functional key light with max lumen 400lm; The side light including UV lamp, Red flash, red-blue flash, white flash, is a very good signal light for police; It is built-in 300mah battery and USB-C charging with magnet tail for free hands. It is a great edc key light.

  • מותג: SPERAS
  • מק"ט / ברקוד:: S11
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קרא עוד

◎Tail magnet function, free hands

◎The side UV light for fake current detection

◎The White flash or red flashlight or Red-blue flash, good to use a signal light for police or others.

◎S11 is a mini, multifunction key light

◎ It is a Neutral LOGO flashlight.

Main LED: Suamsung LH351B with Max 400LM

Side LED: White light/White flash/UV light/ Red light/ Red flashl/ Red-Blue flash

Build-in 300mah lithium battery

USB C charging/35mins will full in charge

Size: 60.5mm(L)*15.6mm(Dia.)

Net weight:18g

Three colors to choose: White/green/blue