When you rely on a tactical optic to keep you in the game, you’ve got to be ready to shine, day or night. The AMG UH-1 Gen II is the close-quarters solution you’ve been asking for, offering an incredibly fast holographic display to conquer every close-quarters situation, now with four night-vision compatible settings and a dedicated night-vision button. A large viewing window makes this door-kicker even faster, and a sleek, snag-free build looks and maneuvers great. The lightning-quick EBR-CQB reticle is designed to dominate in close, and our FHQ technology virtually eliminates stray light emissions for stealth shooting. Duty never sleeps, and the AMG UH-1 Gen II is ready to light your way.

  • מותג: VORTEX
  • מק"ט / ברקוד:: AMG UH-1 GEN II
  • משלוח: 

קרא עוד

Product Manual (PDF) AMG UH-1 GEN 2 VORTEX.pdf

Parts Diagram (PDF) AMG UH-1 GEN 2 VORTEX.pdf