Strong foregrip and lightweight designed to support your firearm while giving you better control. The angled design gives you optimal support, comfortable, easy to use and enhanced with aggressive bottom with QD sling swivel base.

  • מותג: KIRO
  • מק"ט / ברקוד:: KIRO-EHS
  • משלוח: 

קרא עוד


  • Slightly angled to ensure improved recoil control.
  • Equipped with a QD port so you could conveniently carry your firearm by attaching a sling.
  • Compact and lightweight features allow for maximized control.
  • Includes ergonomic non-slip texture for better stability and improved comfort.
  • Made from Israeli Aerospace grade Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP).


  • Weight: 47.00 gr
  • Width: 34.50 mm
  • Height: 35.00 mm
  • Length: 129.00 mm

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